European Hemp

Our Hemp

It is important for us to be able to trace back to the fields where our hemp comes from. We grow it mainly in Lithuania, Poland and Germany and our farmers use only sorts that have been grown legally and according to the highest standards. Afterwards it is transported in 100 liter bags to Berlin to our production plant.

The Quality

The quality of hemp always depends on various factors such as weather, soil, seeding time and sun. These are crucial to produce our plants at the highest quality level. Therefore, we have a network of many experienced hemp farmers with fields all over Europe, who can handle every eventuality. From western Romania, Italy and Germany to the sunny coasts of Spain, our farmers have one thing in common: their commitment to European agricultural and safety standards.

Local Production


In order to process the hemp, the biomass is heated in a so-called decarboxylation plant after transport to Berlin and further processed to activate cannabinoids like CBD. These are previously only present as acid. The biomass is then transferred to an extraction plant where it is gently extracted in a one-step extraction process.

Extraction Method

We use an innovative extraction method similar to CO2 technology. However, the process conditions are milder with this method because it takes place at low temperature and low pressure. In our extraction method, a solvent is added to the biomass, which can be reused again and again. All desired compounds of hemp are extracted by compression and the solvent is separated by expansion.

End Result

The extract does not need to be further winterized, which means that non-cold-resistant components of the extract do not need to be separated, as is the case with many other oils. The finished extract serves as the basis for all hemp whispering products.

Patented Extraction Method

How it Works

Conventional extraction methods require further steps after extraction, such as removal of undesirable plant components and cleaning (removal of solvent residues). These additional steps lead to a loss of important compounds, especially valuable terpenes. With our unique extraction method, these unwanted compounds are not extracted at all and the gentle process results in a product that contains the maximum amount of valuable compounds.

Sustainable Packaging

From the bottle to the package

Our CBD oil is now only mixed with a MCT carrier oil and then filled into packaging with as little plastic as possible. Finally, our products are shipped from Berlin in recycled shipping cartons with hemp wool as filling material CO2-neutrally EU-wide and to Switzerland. Our secondary packaging, for example, consists of at least 90% recycled material and is printed with water-based ink. Shipping with DHL GoGreen also compensates for the greenhouse gases caused by transport. And on top of that we plant a tree for every product sold in cooperation with Eden Reforestation Projects.